Babies, mums and dads


Baby Isabelle and her Mummy and Daddy

Welcome to my blog feature where we are sharing daily routines from all types of Mums and Dads. If you have only just come across this feature you can read all about it here. I would love for you to get involved.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family

Hi there! My name is Isabella and Im 14 months old. My Mummy and Daddy work full time (Mummy has Fridays off as she works compressed hours) on Fridays Mummy takes me on epic adventure and we do fun things :) my Grandma looks after me on Mondays and Im in nursery for 3 days of the week. So I get a good mixture of people to play with and lots of varied activity. Ive been walking since 12months and before that I was crawling. Im always climbing and exploring and love sucking my thumb. Ive been in nursery since I was 6 months old and mummys been back at work since then too.

??Describe your daily routine

During the week

??06:30 Bottle of milk with Daddy while Mummy gets ready for work

??06:45 Say goodbye to Mummy

??07:30 Daddy drops me off at nursery

??08:00 Breakfast. Either Toast, Wheatabix or Porridge

??Nursery Playtime

??10:00 11:30 nap

??12:00 lunch time. Proper heated meal, veg, potato, meat or fish and a dessert

??Nursery Activity

??14:00-14:30 nap

??Nursery Playtime

??04:30 Snack at nursery. Fruit

??05:30 Mummy or Daddy pick me up from nursery

??06:00 Bath time with daddy

??06:30 Bottle with mummy

??Reading a book and burping

??Squeaky cow game up the stairs

??06:45 07:00 Bedtime


??At the weekend

??06:30 Lazy bottle of milk with Daddy

??Playtime with Daddy, then Mummy joins us (Daddy is super ace and lets Mummy have a lie in)

??08:00 Breakfast. Toast, Wheatabix or porridge.

??Playtime Silly playtime in the front room with my toys, stacking cups, ball pit, counting etc..

??10:00 11:30 Nap or epic adventure around the county and I sleep in the car

??12:00 Lunch time. Hipp Organic meal or ham and jacket potato with cheese, red pepper strips, banana and rice cakes

??Playtime or Adventure

??14:00-14:30 Nap on the move in my buggy or sling

??Playtime or Adventure

??04:30 Snack time. Fruit pot.

??Playtime or Adventure

??06:00 Bath Time with Daddy

??06:30 Bedtime Bottle with Mummy

??Reading a book and burping

??Squeaky cow game up the stairs

??06:45 07:00 Bedtime

Describe your day in 3 words

Three words to describe my Mummy and Daddys day? Team Military Operation

What is the highlight of your day?

??The highlight of Daddys day is bath time, he loves it! He makes funny noises and makes me giggle. Mummy often hears squeals of delight coming from the bathroom and my nursery.

??The highlight of Mummys day is feeding me my bedtime bottle, it reminds her of when she used to breastfeed me in the early days and it is a very calm and peaceful way to end the hectic day. She strokes my head and gives me big cuddles. While I drift in and out of sleep she stares at me, which can be a bit off putting when Im trying to drink!