An honest review of the Babyzen YoYo

Babyzen YOYO Review

As I have mentioned previously in our trip to Thomas land post Baby and I have been really lucky to review the new Babyzen YOYO. We currently use a travel system as our everyday choice but had some experience with a stroller when we went on holiday earlier this year. However I do feel its time to start thinking of an alternative choice for Baby as our travel system can be a lot to carry round on a day to day basis.

The Babyzen YOYO 6+ was the stroller we received in a lovely bright red colour which is ideal to suit a boy or a girl. On first impression I found the YOYO very lightweight and compact. It is designed to fit the dimensions of hand luggage when taking a flight so there is no need to hand your stroller over at the departure gate, which is perfect for when you arrive at your destination with a long walk to the baggage reclaim area. It had a convenient strap which went over your shoulder for transporting the stroller when you werent using it and a black bag to cover up the stroller to avoid damage when not in use.

The Babyzen brand was created by five french individuals whos thought process was to eliminate the bulky impractical stroller and create a new generation of transport for children.

Heres the facts

Most compact buggy with dimensions of 52 x 44 x 18 cm when folded and the first ever stroller to fit into the cabin baggage guidelines.

4 Wheel suspension

Exclusive soft drive system: no need to lock the front swivel wheel, even when on rough terrain

Folding, unfolding and driving, all one-handed

Reclinable backrest, removable and washable fabrics

Featherweight (only 5.8 kg); comes with a shoulder strap

Suitable from 6 months up to 15kg

Choose a black or white chassis

Black, red and blue fabrics available

We decided to use it as our first choice for a week so we could really make an informed view of what we thought. Having been spoilt with our travel system I was really interested to see how this would compare as an alternative. We took the Babyzen on days out, walks to the park and onto some rough terrain on one of our walks with the dog.

I found the fold down system really easy to use and very quick. Which is perfect when you have a tired baby and you need to make a hasty exit. We even were approached by two parents at different times at Thomas Land asking about the stroller. At this point it was folded and currently resting on The Ls Papas shoulder with that handy strap I mentioned earlier. Im not sure anyone had seen anything like it. For jumping on an off the train and making the most out of the rides we didnt have to leave the stroller in the buggy park it could stay with us at all times.

It also had a little window built into the hood which was a good way of keeping tabs on Baby. I like this feature as i have never seen it on another stroller before. The stroller does have the added benefit of a shopping basket underneath. It isnt huge but its big enough to hold essentials like drinks, snacks, coats and my handbag. However I couldnt fit my nappy bag underneath.

It definitely felt easy to push and a smooth ride for Baby. He didnt look uncomfortable and fell asleep in the Babyzen many times which is definitely a good sign.

We decided to take the stroller on some rough terrain to test out the soft drive system. It handled the yellow brick road, as we call it, really well. That was one of the areas I was most concerned about when using a stroller but it has definitely changed my way of thinking.

It was so easy to navigate that I could do it one handed whilst holding Little Ls hand so I would definitely recommend it for families with more than one child.


Overall I was really pleased with the Babyzen YOYO. It exceeded my expectations and certainly made me think about investing in one myself for everyday use. I love the idea of taking it as hand luggage on the plane and for quick and easy use when out and about during daily activities.


It looks stylish, it feels smooth to use and Baby was very happy relaxing in it.


You can purchase a Babyzen YOYO from Whitesteps??for ??375.00. For a full list of stockists go to

Have you thought about changing from a travel system to a stroller?