Our favourite father and son activities

Best father son bonding activities

It is important to have a good relationship with your children especially during the formative years. Boys usually look up to their fathers as their role models, copying their expressions and their moves. As such, fathers have to be very careful with the kinds of example they set for their young children as this makes a big difference in the way their sons will turn out in the future. Helping to build your son into a well-rounded person starts during his early years. One of the best ways to achieve this is by setting aside enough time to bond with each other.

  1. Play games or sports together. Boys are always interested in games and sports and you as the father can be the one to help him develop his interests. Teaching him how to catch balls or throw hoops or hitting them can be a great way to have fun together.
  2. Go fishing. As a child, boys are always ready to have some adventure and fishing seems to be one of those activities where father and son can have a perfect bonding moment together. As you teach him how to hook his bait and throw the line, you spend time together where you can comfortably talk about anything under the sun or to just share a precious moment in silence. You build a strong bond that doesn???t easily get broken. This is an ideal way to build trust and friendship where your growing son will learn to confide in you about anything.
  3. Studying together. Let???s face it a lot of parents are lacking when it comes to the needs of their children. Yes, fathers might be busy trying to earn for the family, but what they are missing in return is seeing their children grow and be part of their lives. It is recommended to always be present in the growing years of your children as this is the groundwork of how they will be as adults. Take the opportunity to bond with your child by helping him with school work. Fathers and sons will develop a closer and more respectful relationship with each other when they tackle homework side by side. Take it as a learning opportunity where you can teach him about responsibility.
  4. Driving together. As your son grows, the father is expected to teach him how to drive. This can be a fun activity shared between the two of you as you demonstrate to him how to shift gears and turn the wheel. When he grows older, you can still enjoy driving together, perhaps with a luxury sports car where you both can enjoy the thrilling fast ride. There are exotic car rental companies that allow for a day of driving in any sports car you want. Check here??for??a luxury car rental company. Bond together zipping around in your Ferrari rental as you recount memories of the time you first taught your son to drive.
  5. Go camping. Boys tend to want to grow faster so they can do all the stuff that their fathers do. So why not enjoy some adventurous activity such as going camping with just the two of you. As you teach your son the basics of survival and being a responsible camper, you share moments and build memories that will develop into a beautiful foundation between father and son. Check here for more family bonding activities.

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