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Replies to Correspondents

These notes are abstracted from my replies to some questions raised by correspondents.

Influences of Freud, Rogers, Laing and Jung

Handling New Ideas

Models of Consciousness

Writing Style, Inspiration and Justification

Rationality Themes

Asking the Right Question

The Need for a Conceptual Vocabulary

Truth and Pragmatism - or, is what is true for me also true for others ?

Psycho-Analytical Themes

Psycho-Analysing Childhood Problems

The Factor of  Time in a Psycho-Analysis

The Shock Effect of a Psycho-Analysis

The Subconscious and Unconscious Minds

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Psychological Themes

Bonding and Subconscious Hatred

Handling Abreaction

How do I know if  I need Help ?

Inferiority Complex and Social Approval

The Generation of Emotions  – plus the internal dialogue

Pressure and Character Change


Dialectical Framework for Spirituality

The Problem of Sexuality for Spiritual Idealists

Self-Awareness and Meditation

Understanding New Experiences



Reincarnation and Psychic Issues

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