Here is how to tackle no sleep as a mum

How To Combat Mumsomnia

You dont get a job description before you become a parent, but I bet if you did the words sleep deprived would feature heavily. Weve all been there. Sleepless nights. Broken sleep. Busy mind. You cant complain (much), because sleepless nights come with the territory of having beautiful children. However, what about those nights where your children sleep all the way through and you are awake? Then you are suffering with a case of Mumsomnia.

Mumsomnia basically is where you cant sleep or you wake up because of things other than your children. The name is made up, but the symptoms are very much real and something I have suffered with for a while.

You have Mumsomnia when..

You wake up in the night thinking about what you need to do the next day

You get up at 2am because you suddenly remembered that shirt your partner wanted to wear for that important meeting the next day is at the bottom of the washing pile. You will then put said shirt in the washing machine and go back to bed, and awake an hour later and hang in the airing cupboard praying over and over again that it will be dry by 7am. Knowing full well that if you were a tiny little bit normal you would just explain to your very caring other half that you forgot and knowing that he has lots of other shirts and he really wont mind. You can tell I have done this cant you.

You spend the whole day wanting your bed and the minute you get there you are wide awake, no matter what you do you just cant drift off and you resort to naming capital cities with letter of the alphabet. However defeating the point as you get so worked up trying to remember a capital city that begins with S.

You wake up (Noticed a theme yet) thinking about something you did years ago and going over and over your actions in your mind. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you cant change it you still work through it. Im beginning to sound a little crazy now.

You suddenly remember theres a million different things that need to be done, but you are so scared of forgetting you just go over them in your head until its time to get up.

Sound familiar?

This is something that I have been suffering with for the past few months, I suppose as I have got more and more busy with working from home I feel I have lots of balls up in the air and its a balancing act trying to keep them up there. Heres whats been working for me

Chamomile tea I wasnt so keen on the taste of this at first but now I really enjoy my cup of tea before bed. There is no caffeine and apparently has mild sedative effects making this tea known as the night time tea. Its also known for easing away anxiety and depression which can lead to the sleepless nights in the first place. Honestly since drinking this tea before bed I havent been waking up, unless of course Baby wakes me up.


Reading before bed As a couple, we tend to go to bed an watch TV. But since I have stopped that and opted to read in bed instead I have found that drifting off to sleep has been much easier. My eyes seem to be heavy after reading for a while and so I find it easier to drift off and of course I am not thinking about silly little to-do lists. Which brings me to my next point

Make a to do list before going to bed I have been sitting down with chamomile tea and writing down everything that needs to be done or what I jobs I would like to do before going to bed. That way Im clearing my mind and then hopefully wont be waking up thinking about what needs to be done.


No caffeine after 12pm This was my biggest problem. When it got to 3pm and I was needing a pick me up I would go straight to the coffee or pour myself a glass of pop. Of course I am then wired for the rest of the evening and although I get a lot done, I noticed it was taking me too long to drift off to sleep. Since cutting the caffeine out in the afternoon my sleep has improved massively.

Increase water intake But making sure I dont drink anything substantial before 10pm. That way I am not waking up needing the bathroom.I wasnt every good at my water intake but now I have been making a note of how many glasses I drink a day and I feel better in myself and I have also noticed my skin clear up.

Step away from the phone/social media/emails I have made a new rule of no internet, social media or emails after 7pm. My phone goes on charge and thats the end of that. Whether this has helped I am not sure but it is said that having too much mobile interaction before bed can have an effect on your sleep. Since my sleep has improved I am not about to undo this new habit.


and finally Get an early night when you can.

These points have really helped me combat my Mumsomnia, I hope they help you to.

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