A Typical Day for The
Mums and

As you may have read I am collecting daily routines from other Mums and Dads, you can read about this here. I thought I would share with you my routine

Im The Ls Mum and I am a first time mummy to Baby. Baby is a 9 month old baby boy who is desperate to be on his feet at the moment. I have recently become a full time stay at home mum however I have started my own business called Organic bambino Boutique which you may have seen me mention a few times I have bottle fed Baby with formula ever since he was born. Here is what Baby gets up to most days

6-6.30 AM Baby wakes up. He plays in his cot until I go in and get him. Hes usually shouting Mama right from the minute he wakes up. Its a lovely alarm clock.

6-30 AM Morning bottle Normally 7-8oz of formula milk.

7AM Breakfast which normally consists of weetabix, fruit, yoghurt, whatever we have in really.

7.30AM Is normally the time we FaceTime Grandma and Grandad in Australia. This can vary from 30-45 minutes in which Baby gets involved or plays with his toys.

8.30AM Change of clothes for Baby and clean him up for the day.

9AM Nap time He naps quite early, always has done really, he will sleep for about hour and a half in which I then get a chance to do some work on either the blog or Organic Bambino Boutique.

10.30AM Baby is normally awake by now so he gets back into playing with some toys whilst I empty/reload the dishwasher. Put some washing on and general chores in the house.

12.30PM Lunchtime, I normally feed Baby with vegetables and meat puree and then he would have a desert of yoghurt or fruit. The ls Papa comes home for his lunch from work so we normally have a nice cup of tea and relax before he goes back.

1PM At this point we will either go out and run errands, go out for a walk in the pram or play with toys again.

3PM Nap time Baby will go down for another nap which may last up to an hour. I then get back on my laptop to do some more work on Organic Bambino Boutique or the blog. Baby may have another 50z bottle at this stage although he is getting less interested in this now.

4PM Baby is up and we then tend to play with some toys, have a walk if we havent managed to get out earlier and then I prepare tea.

5PM Baby has tea which again tends to be vegetable and meat purees followed by fruit.

6PM The Ls Papa comes home, and we have tea and Baby has some finger foods to try, or has a taste of what mummy is having.

6.45PM Baby has a bath and gets ready for bed.

7PM Last bottle which tends to be another 8oz bottle although sometimes he doesnt finish it.

7.15PM Fast asleep and in bed.

I then tend to clean up the house and toys, and then relax for the evening with The Ls Papa before taking myself off to bed at 9PM.

I would describe my day in three words as Busy, fullfilling and enjoyable.

The highlight of my day is probably Babies first nap time. Its a chance for me to get myself ready and organise myself for the day.

Hope you enjoyed reading about a typical day for us.