My 5 essential baby items and the 5 I wish I hadnt bought

I did this post for over at and I thought I would share it with you all. It took me a long time to think up this post. Especially as I have so many favourite items that I have used since Baby was born. However after much deliberation, list making and crossing out I have come up firstly with my 5 essential baby items. Although as you will see later I have had a little extra one as I couldnt leave it out
1, Hitting my top spot has to be my Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer
I decided to bottle feed right from the outset. I feel its a personal decision for any woman to make and its a decision that is right for them and their baby. If I am really honest I wasnt 100% sure how to even make up a bottle before Baby came along. Thankfully The Ls Papa had been through it all before and quickly got me in the routine of bottle making. The reason why I rank my bottle warmer as my top essential baby item is because this was an absolute godsend for those 2am, 4am, 6am feedings. When I was half asleep making a bottle for a weeping baby, this piece of equipment had my bottle warmed up in next to know time, leaving me free to feed my baby, and get back to that precious land of nod.
2.My Tippi Toes baby Bath
This was such a great buy. It was recommended to me by a friend and Ive only just stopped using it at 9 months. This bath has a built in seat so I found it a lot easier to bathe Baby. I bought it off amazon and although I cant remember exactly how much it was I know it wasnt expensive. I know that some people would think a baby bath was not essential, and it may not be to some people but to me I just found it easy to use. I was worried about bathing Baby on my own, Im a first time mum and everyday is a learning experience. This bath took the pressure away and allowed me to enjoy bath time with my baby as a chance to bond without endlessly worrying if he was ok.
3. In third place Is my gorgeous Gucci Changing Bag.??
Yes this is indulgent, and yes I fell in love with it the minute I saw it in selfridges and slowly dragged myself away when I realised that perhaps I couldnt justify it. Only to have a massive surprise come christmas morning in 2012 that The Ls Papa had treated me to my dream changing bag and I am an extremely lucky lady. A changing bag is an essential for all your baby needs. A changing bag allows you to keep all your baby essentials in an easy to reach go to place. From bottles, nappies, wipes and bibs. There is compartments for everything. I would definitely recommend having a changing bag for your baby.
4. In fourth place is my Tommee Tippee steam steriliser.??
We bought this as part of a starter kit which also included some bottles and washing brushes. I loved how the sterilisation was done by the power of steam, which meant I didnt have to worry about tablets etc. Just plug it in, put the required measured amount of water in, load your bottles and away you go. This steriliser has the bottles all done and dusted in about 5 minutes, which was great for me.
5. In number 5 spot I have Babies two soothers.??
Firstly I have my Babies Dummy. We decided to use a dummy for nap time, and to soothe Baby. Its not for everyone, but Baby had started to suck his thumb and I just preferred him to soothe with a dummy instead. This particular one he had since birth and no matter what I do he wont have any other dummy. I have searched high and low to find ones similar other than this particular one. Secondly he has his little frog. This was bought for him by the company my dad works for in Australia, he has a bigger version and a ball as well but the little one is his favourite. He keeps hold of it all the time, and loves to bite his head when hes teething. So I guess I am saying as my essential baby item a soother for your baby is one I would recommend. Be it a security blanket, dummy, a teddy, a toy I think it is important.
6. Finally I have my pram/stroller??
I know I was only suppose to give you my 5 but I couldnt leave out my iCandy. I was fortunate enough that my parents wanted to buy us Babies Pram. I absolutely love my iCandy. It is the Peach 2 jogger and I think its great. It came complete with the carrycot, seat and adaptors to fit our car seat. I adore how easy to manoeuvre it is. An essential item is definitely a pram/pushchair/stroller. It is so important to get out with your baby to break your day up. Even for 5 minutes on the road you live or a quick look round the shops, you feel amazing for the fresh air and I think it does your baby good to.
So on to my 5 baby items I wish I hadnt bought???
1. His rocking seat which is from John Lewis.??
Dont get me wrong a rocking seat or swing is a great item for your baby I just purchased wrongly. This item is a lovely piece of furniture but really thats all it is. It looked great in the living room, but when Baby was first born he was too little to sit in it securely and as he got big enough he would attempt to roll out of it and didnt like being fastened in to it. Its great piece for show or occasional use but honestly I wish I had bought an alternative.
2. His Mobile
I love how it looks in his room and how it matches the bedding and decor but to be honest I have only used it once. Now that Baby can sit up etc in his cot he tends to try and grab it. That has been the only use out of it we have had. I have switched it on once, and Baby cried and I havent used it since. So again it was a purchase that looked good but I havent had much use out of.
3. Baby shoes.??
I am only just starting to put Baby in little trainers or shoes, and only on an occasion where I want him to look smart. We bought loads of little baby trainers and boots for when he was born and I havent used any of them. Id just forget I had them and kept him in socks throughout his first 6 months. Which brings me on to my next item.
4. Baby outfits such as jeans etc
These look absolutely adorable in age newborn and 0-3 months but I can honestly say Baby wore jeans and shirt outfits only occasionally. I kept him in sleep suits and rompers for months. I bought tonnes of outfits that still have labels on. Baby was born in June last year right when we were having a heat wave. He lived in vests and rompers for the first few weeks of his life and then only on occasions would I dress him in an outfit. Other than that I kept him in sleep suits and rompers for comfort and ease. I wish I hadnt spent all that money on newborn and 0-3 months outfits and invested it for when he was older. Although, even now, if its just me and Baby in the house for the day, hell be in a romper or playsuit for comfort.
5. Door hanging Jumper
We bought this instead of a bouncer/swing and at the time we thought we had made the right decision but I wish we hadnt bought it. Baby has used it a handful of times and its only when I put it up for him. Other than that it sits in a ??cupboard. Its a good item but I personally wish I had bought something like a jumperoo or a swing instead. We have since bought alternatives for him that are up all the time. Its because its not out and up that I forget we have it and therefore it just doesnt get used. I recommend this type of item, but it isnt an essential and there are definitely more usable items out there.
So there you have it, I struggled with the non-essential items. I think as The Ls Papa had been through the baby thing before with Lilttle L, we definitely did shop smart and I didnt get too carried away. I hope this helps with any future purchases you may have.