7 Things I wish SOMEONE had told me when I was pregnant.

If you are anything like me and finding out you were expecting a child was a bit of a surprise then this is for you. Here are 7 things I wish someone had told or warned me about when I was pregnant.


1. Hair ??? I was told that that I would develop thick healthy hair when I was pregnant and I did. It doesnt happen for everyone sadly but I developed absolutely gloriously glossy locks that felt volumised and full of life. Shiny and healthy. I absolutely loved my hair when I was pregnant but then once Baby came along it disappeared. Why didnt anyone tell me that my hair would fall out? I dont mean in clumps (although I did read some horror stories) but literally I would run my hands through it and strands would be coming out. It took me about 12 months for my hair loss to go back to a normal rate. It wasnt the easiest thing to deal with. My hairbrush would be filled full of hair with every brush stroke. It does stop. But for those first few months especially my hair literally was everywhere.

2. Wobbly Belly ??? ??I wasnt naive enough to think that I would get a slim figure straight away but what is it with that wobbly belly after your baby has arrived? It is the strangest sensation. Especially when your midwife is checking to make sure things are going back in the right place. Again its took me around 6 months to get back to some form of normality. I tried to lose the weight healthily. But your tummy is never completely the same for some people. Mine certainly isnt. They say it takes 9 months to make a baby and 9 months to get back to your shape after birth. Although I am back to my pre-pregnancy size my body shape has completely changed.

3. Read ??? I thought I was pretty well researched when it came to my pregnancy. I knew what was going to happen, every little ache and pain, every sickness symptom. I read almost anything I could get my hands on about Labour and pregnancy but what I didnt do was read about what to do when the baby arrives. Otherwise youll find yourself in the hospital on your first night in charge of this gorgeous little baby and wondering how to prepare milk. Its quite embarrassing but I had no idea that a babies milk needed to be body temperature. I kept wondering why people kept placing his bottle in warm water. I quickly realised what to do when I tried to feed Baby cold milk straight from the fridge. It was very embarrassing at the time and now I have shared it with the world. At least I can laugh about it now.

4. After effects ??? Whether you were lucky enough for things to go the way you had planned or ended up with an emergency c-section be prepared for the after effects. There are various different symptoms for different types of births but the one thing I seem to have come across thats united amongst all delivery methods is the bleeding after. No-one told me I would have to deal with a weeks worth of bleeding. (I apologise if you are reading this whilst eating or consuming a cup of tea) So there you go, buy maternity pads, and lots of them. You have been warned.

5. Cabbage You might be wondering why I have added a vegetable to my list of things people dont tell you but this was my secret weapon and was shared with me by my lovely midwife. If, like me, you couldnt or didnt want to breastfeed then you still have the period of time when you milk decides to make an arrival. Sore tender breasts that leak. Definitely not the most pleasant of things to have to deal with when the milk has no where to go. There are many pads you can buy but my little secret weapon, albeit a smelly one, was cabbage leaves. I popped them in the fridge or freezer for an ice cold blast and then placed them on the area inside my bra. It literally got rid of my milk within two days. They were two smelly days that The Ls Papa and myself had to contend with but well worth it. To be honest I thought this would be something I didnt need to worry about, that my body would some how know the choice that was made but sometimes this is not the case. This is just a little tip for you if you struggled with it like I did.

6. Sleep Deprivation ??? So everyone jokes with you about the sleepless nights and you expect them, but nothing quite prepares you for how youre going to feel. I wish Id known that I would try putting baby milk in my tea or put a dirty bib in the bin instead of the washing machine. If I could give anyone any tip for getting through the sleepless nights it would be to prepare. You need your energy when you have a newborn to deal with so hydrate and eat. A way of preparing yourself would be to get one of the 2 Litre bottles of water and fill it up everyday with and keep it close. Your aim would be to get through the bottle each day. I would also definitely recommend that you use your free time before the little one arrives and cook and freeze meals such as lasagne, chilli and pasta bakes. Anything you like. Something that you can pull out and pop in the oven or hob and warm up. Its the best advice anyone can give you. Energy and hydration is the key.

7. Baby Blues ??? I was warned about this. But with the whole questionnaire you fill out with your Health Visitor and the conversations you have I certainly felt uncomfortable admitting I had cried or felt I couldnt cope. What advice I want to pass on is its ok. I would recommend telling your nearest and dearest if you a feel a little low. Its not always a post-natal depression sign and thats what most mothers think. I certainly did. Its normal to cry. Its normal to feel overwhelmed. People dont think any less of you because youve had a bad day. Youre sleep deprived and lacking energy, its bound to take effect. I honestly felt better after a good cry and a big hug. A hug is a powerful thing.

There you have it, seven things I wish I had known before Baby arrived. I hope you enjoyed the tips and advice I included. Do you have anything you wish someone had told you when you were pregnant?