Babies at 15 Months Old

I havent done an update in so long and I feel really bad, but my baby has changed so much. One thing mainly is that he really isnt a baby anymore, there is so many personality traits and actions that just scream little boy to me rather than my little baby.I cant quite believe how fast these months are going.

Age 15 Months

Weight I havent had him weighed in so long, I will definitely have the correct weight for next months update.

Height Trying to get him to stand still is a nightmare but its around 73cm

Clothing size My little man is still wearing 9-12 month clothes, it wont be long though until hes in the next size up. I often find he seems to wear different sizes from different shops, but mainly it??is still 9-12 months. He even had a 3-6 months jacket on the other day. I still think hes a fairly small baby in comparison with others his age.

Personality This has really developed in the last few months and Baby is definitely a character. He is extremely vocal and saying phrases like mama all the time, but we are yet to get a papa out of him. He is saying a lot of z sounds at the moment and still makes dada and g sounds. We are really trying to develop all these sounds into words. He is always chatting along in his own little gurgle language so hopefully it wont be too ??long until we can make some sense of it all. He loves climbing on anything and everything, and really has a thirst for danger, much to my dismay. It certainly gets the heart racing though. He has a little trait of showing his excitement by almost running up and down the house with his arms out in front of him and shouting all sorts of nonsense. This mostly happens when we get visitors, his papa comes home or when certain TV programme come on like the cuddlies on Baby TV, Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel. He also loves to dance when his papa sings the hotdog song from Mickey mouse. Hes very loving, always offering kisses and cuddles, mostly for his papa, but Mummy gets them every now and again. Other than that he is really independent and is quite happy playing with his toys by himself or going on adventure into other rooms of the house when he thinks Im not looking.


Favourite Foods He has gone a little fussy. He use to eat anything I put in front of him but since a real bad episode of teething I feel we have taken a fair few steps back in his weaning journey. He will quite happily feed himself toast, banana and bits of fruit, biscuit snacks, cherios cereal, but still has me spoon feed the major part of his diet. He loves his weetabix in a morning, pasta and home-made sauces, and whizzed up meat and veg which is left very lumpy now for the texture. I keep trying to encourage him to feed himself by offering the spoon. I am also trying to introduce more finger foods. At the moment his favourite foods have to be petit-felous yoghurts, bananas and toast.

Favourite Toys and things to do His favourite toys are his new xylophone from My 1st Years and his wooden shapes toy where he has to place the shapes through the correct spaces. Baby absolutely loves going to the park, especially because of the swings.


Anything new He has been walking properly and confidently since 13 months old and he is now trying to speed up and almost run. He is a little more confident to walk about during visits to the park. He now has four teeth up top and 3 at the bottom with two back molars, I think the fourth one along the bottom is on its way. He likes to hold his bottle in the morning and at night.


Mummys Thoughts Dear my gorgeous boy, your growing up too fast, I wish you would slow down but then again I love seeing how you develop. I am guilty of trying to keep you a Babyonger and you will often be wearing all in one rompers or sleep suits, just because your my little baby. My favourite times of the day is your bottle time, thats the only part that I would say still reminds me of your early months, we always cuddle on the sofa in the same spot, you look up at me and drink your milk and we cuddle for about 20 minutes. You are now holding your bottle so I know its only a matter of time until you dont want to sit with mummy. You really are a character, and you are definitely a handful. But you are so incredibly active and full of life and I really want that to continue. I love you all the world, lets see what your 16th month in the world has to offer.