Baby Passport Dos and Donts

So like many people we are planning our family holiday and one of the things I needed to get organised was Babies passport. I thought I would put together a quick Dos and Donts so that you can all get this sorted as quick as possible and avoid some of the problems I faced.

DO go to a recognised photography shop such as Max Speilman and pay for a professional picture to be done. They use the correct colour background, the right size and obtain the perfect picture. This cost me ??7.99 and was well worth it.

DONT try and use the photo-booths you see at your local supermarket. Where these are perfectly fine for an adult to use. It is extremely difficult to do the following:

?? ?? ?? ??a) Have your babies face be exactly in the middle of the screen

?? ?? ?? ??b) Whilst avoiding any of your own body parts to be evident on the picture

?? ?? ?? ??c) Trying to get your baby to look directly at the screen with out smiling, giggling, talking or generally getting that perfect shot.

?? ?? ?? ??d) Its a waste of time and money for a baby. We had 3 attempts, costing ??5 each with 3 attempts each. Not one picture was suitable.

The declined passport picture.

This was our first attempt.

Our second attempt.

DO go online and pre fill the information out in advance. This has onscreen help and allows you to obtain all the information. They will then send you the form in the post all ready for your pictures, signatures and documents.

DO use the post office check and save option. This will cost a little extra but will allow you to make sure that all items are complete. Although our application was returned because our attempt at a picture wasnt right, it allowed us ??to send the picture back and not have to start the whole application again because I had paid for this service and the mistake wasnt my fault. Just covers you for any unforeseen errors or circumstances.

DONT forget the documents needed such as birth certificate like I did. This resulted in two trips in to town and an unhappy baby for all the upheaval.

A very grumpy Baby after having to go to the post office twice.

DO leave plenty of time to get your application in. It normally takes 3 weeks but dont bank on this incase the passport office has had an increase of applications. Or your application may need to be returned like ours was. Ideally as soon as you know your going to need a passport get it done. Its one less thing to think about and allows you to enjoy the lead up to that much needed break.