Childcare Options for Parents or Guardians in Rehab

One of the main concerns for parents when undergoing residential rehab is parting with children.

Even 30 days can seem like a very long period of time, especially if you imagine it through the eyes of a child. Facing treatment yourself can feel very daunting and it is understandable to worry, however, a parent must put things in perspective.

A short period of separation is always preferable for your child than facing a lifetime of dealing with a parent suffering from addiction – even if your child isn’t aware of this yet.

Who can provide childcare?

  • Spouse/Co-parent
  • Trusted family member(s) i.e. grandparents
  • Trusted family friend or godparent
  • Daycare during outpatient treatment
  • Daycare provided at a rehab centre
  • When none of the above is possible, temporary foster care is an alternative option

Many parents’ worst fear is to lose their children to the care system, but this is almost never a consequence of seeking treatment for substance abuse disorder.

In most cases, taking responsibility for your problems by seeking treatment will stand clearly in your favour in court hearings and custody battles. Furthermore, provided you have a suitable childcare arrangement in place, there is no reason that authorities need to know that you are entering rehab.

Where Can You Get Help?

Parents who suffer from addiction are more common than you might think – you are certainly not alone in this and there is plenty of help available.

If you feel that you require in-patient treatment and addiction help, a good place to start is a comprehensive guide of the most reputable treatment centres in the country.

If you think you are suffering from addiction, drug dependence or substance abuse disorder, you can get help from your GP and the NHS who are likely to refer you to local services.

Furthermore, the fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have the best track record overall for supporting those in recovery long term. To participate is free and you do not have to give any personal information.