School Summer Holidays Memories

When I think back on my childhood my mind is flooded with memories of late summer evenings playing out with friends, family walks and playing tennis.

Im sat in the back garden right now with familiar smells of freshly cut grass and tingling feelings of sun kissed skin. The laughter of children and the buzz of chatter from parents. Accompanying these sounds are A brush of wheels along the pavement and a faint ticker of a bicycle chain. No matter how many years go by the same things I use to play out with as a child, the children are today. However I must admit the variety available today is a little more advanced.

These items have stood the test of time and I guarantee they top the majority of childrens wish lists when it comes to birthdays and chirstmas.

Skateboards I had a skateboard, I seem to remember it had a character on it but I couldnt even begin to tell you what it was. We had a drive with an incline and I use to sit on the skateboard (Yes I am fully aware that I should have been standing) and roll down the hill. This provided hours of entertainment. These days I see children doing tricks and all sorts on these things.

Roller Skates/Roller Blades/Quad Skates I had THE best pair of barbie roller skates you have ever seen and I absolutely loved them. I use to play on my skates for hours during the summer holidays. I never really gained the confidence to go down the hill without first ascertaining where and how I would stop, but get me a flat road and pavement and I was one content little lady. These days I have to admit that whats available is much more modern and sleek than my barbie pair, and a website like Skate Hut has a fabulous collection.

Scooters I had a scooter and I think my brother had one to. Its amazing how my mum or grandma could get me to walk to a place which I had little or no interest in if I was riding my scooter. It seems these days I see a lot of children doing the walk to school on a scooter. Perhaps the incentive of a cool ride still appeals today.

Bikes I think I went through a phase growing up having a different bike every few years due to growing taller very quickly. I think having a bike was my absolute favourite thing for the school holidays. I never ventured far, but I use to love riding around different routes on the estate I lived on a mini adventure. Bikes never seem to go out of fashion.

Having already purchased a BMX for Little L I know I have all of this to come with Baby. Its a strange thought. Im kind of excited to be a part of making memories but deep down I would love him to stay my baby. Before I know it, he too will be enjoying his school holidays.

Do you have any childhood memories of playing outdoors as a child? Did you have a cool scooter, or a beautiful pair of skates?