What Clothes To Pack For A Baby Abroad

I thought long and hard about what to pack clothes wise for Baby. I was particularly excited to dress him up in lots of summer outfits and take lots of beautiful pictures to capture the moment. I even sacrificed some of the clothes I was taking to make sure there was enough space for his outfits.

A few years ago I would have packed about a million bikinis, lots of shoes and several outfits, but this time I went with essential pieces that I could mix and match. But enough about me.

I packed several things for Baby and my go to shops for his holiday wardrobe were John Lewis and H&M. However I didnt really think about the heat aspect and that perhaps my little boy would not be particularly comfortable dressed up.

The holiday essentials I couldnt live without were:

  • Shorts I took a few pairs in various colours to mix and match. He wore these during the day and at night and they were great. they kept him cool and most importantly he was comfortable.
  • Short sleeve and sleeveless vests He lived in these. He wore them during the day and at night and I mixed and matched with the different colour shorts I had. Sometimes during the day he would just wear a vest.
  • Swimming all in ones My mum bought me 2 sets of these all in one swimming outfits from oz but I know you can get them over here to. They had built in factor 50 protection which was just an added layer of protection when Baby ventured into the pool.
  • Sun Hat We struggled like anything to get L to keep a hat on but they are an essential in the sun.
  • Rompers Little all in one short sleeve and shorts. These are so easy to put on and really comfy for baby.
  • Hooded Jacket This was for in the evening, in Lanzarote it can get quite breezy so he loved to snuggle into his jacket when he was ready for a sleep.
  • Socks Again was great for in the evening to keep his feet warm.
  • Sleepwear Baby use to sleep in vests or sleep suits depending on the weather. We went in April so he was still happy to wear a sleep suit at night.


(T-shirt and shorts from John Lewis)


(Romper from Jack and Millie Australia)


(Romper from Sprout in Australia)

est from Pumpkin Patch and shorts from John Lewis)


(Vest from H&M and shorts from John Lewis)

That was really all he wore, I packed lovely little shirts, jeans and tops but he didnt really wear them. Purely because of the comfort factor and heat. I have no idea if I would be the same for a little girl. I dont think I would be able to resist a huge amount of dresses, but either way you probably dont need to pack as much as you are doing.