Early symptoms of pregnancy

When you are trying for a baby and you get that all important positive test its so exciting. I remember when I was pregnant with Little L how overcome with emotion I was, but then I started to not feel myself, and so I was hit with the early signs of pregnancy. I thought I would share with you some of the early symptoms you can feel in the early stages of pregnancy so that you are prepared or know what to expect.

  1. Nausea and sickness Most commonly refered to as morning sickness but dont let that fool you. This nausea can hit you at any time of the day. When I was pregnant with Little L I was sick in the evening. It started around the 5 weeks pregnant mark and continued until my second trimester. According to the NHS guidelines morning sickness is most common during your first 12 weeks, however it could last so just bear this in mind. Ginger biscuits always helped me.
  2. Extreme tiredness Its hard to even explain how tired you will feel but you just will feel drained and exhausted during those first 12 weeks. I found that when i entered my second trimester with Little L I found a new burst of energy but those first few weeks were tough. The best advice would be to rest as much as you can.
  3. Tender breasts Yes this is one of the things I really didnt like, luckily for me it only lasted a few weeks. I cant remember if I ever suffered with them again later in my pregnancy but I definitely remember those first few weeks. It was actually one of the things that pointed me to take a test, that and the late period.
  4. Heartburn I suffered with this in the early stages of pregnancy but mostly towards the end. It was so painful. However there are many heartburn causes and so it may not be an actual sign of pregnancy but it is something to bear in mind.
  5. Headaches These are strong head pounding headaches right at the front of your forehead, it may be different for other people but thats where I suffered with them the most. They were awful. Again not everyone has headaches but its something that could effect you. Dont forget you cant take any form ibuprofen so if you feel the need to take some pain killers make sure its paracetamol.
  6. Needing the toilet ALOT I dont know if anyone else experienced this but not only was I making regular appearances in the bathroom for morning sickness but also I couldnt stop going to the toilet. Its a common pregnancy symptom though, and could also be down to your increasing you water intake, which of course is recommended.
  7. Backache As your body begins to change it isnt uncommon to experience some back ache. Its advisable to rest as much as possible. There is an increase in hormones in your body to help loosen ligaments to accommodate that growing baby and backache may be experienced. Its also advisable to not carry any heavy objects because of this very reason.

These are just a few signs there are some more uncommon pregnancy symptoms that you may experience. The best advice if you have just found out you are expecting is to head on over to the NHS website, book yourself in at the doctors and put your feet up with a decaffeinated tea. Try and enjoy it because your whole world will change when a new arrival comes.