Essential Baby Style Buys When Expecting A Winter Baby


Theres something quite snuggly about being pregnant during the winter. Large oversized knits, leggings and Ugg boots for ultra comfort and style. Its just so easy to dress in the winter, well in my opinion anyway. Its all about comfort and warmth and the same goes for a baby. Baby was a summer baby and now that he is 16 months old I must admit I have preferred to dress him in the colder months than the warmer ones. From hats to snowsuits theres a little more to consider when your baby is arriving in the winter and so I thought I would share some essential baby buys for those snuggly cuddles with your newborn.

Hats and Mittens

When Baby was young he would keep a hat on no problem, now hes older its a struggle. I was always advised that a hat was an essential item with a newborn and during the winter months its got to be high on the priority list. Especially if you plan on going for some lovely walks and showing off your new addition to your family. Mittens were a little harder to keep on with Baby but again as its colder it would be advisable to maybe get some or some all-in-one outfits that have them built in. These are a godsend.


Its always a good idea to layer up. The general advice given to me was to always add an extra layer than what you were wearing when dressing your baby. Vests are a great way to add extra warmth and I definitely think they are a great investment to get as many as you can. You wont believe how many you wash and so there is no amount that it too many in my opinion.


These are great to just throw on. You will find that as much as you think those little jeans and top combinations are adorable for those first few months you will just be more interested in practicality and your little one will spend more time in sleep suits and all-in-ones than anything else. There very easy for changing those nappies and of course changing the outfits when your baby has had a little burping accident, and as I mentioned before it would be a good idea to get the ones with the built in scratch mittens and feet which will really help keep your little ones hands and feet warm.

Snowsuits and Cardigans

Remembering the rule of thumb about adding an extra layer to what you are wearing yourself, then a snowsuit or a cardigan is the perfect way to do it. My big advice for when you have had a baby is to get outdoors for some fresh air, it will do you and your baby the world of good. There are some gorgeous ones available at Petit Bateau which are simply gorgeous.

Festive inspiration outfits

Finally because of the time of year, you can also add some festivity to your newborns wardrobe. Be it snowflakes or woodland animals, you can have some fun with their outfit choices.

Is there anything else you would add to the list?