Christening 2014 The details

I have finally been through all my pictures and got back to some form of normality since Babies big day, our first family holiday and my parents visit and return to Australia. I thought I would share with you the details of our recent christening celebration. I recently offered some advice on how to organise a christening and the main things to remember. I will also share with you some pictures from our day but for now take a look at the details of my little mans big day.


We had our christening in our local church which happens to only be a 5 minute walk away. Its a gorgeous church called St Pauls and I was so pleased that the Vicar was happy to carry out Babies christening. The church is relatively big which was lucky as we had circa 70 guests attending and there was also another christening taking place at the same time. The night before The Ls Papa, myself and our elected godparents attended a meeting with the vicar to discuss christenings and the religion. Im not overly religious but I do have an interest in it.


This is the church

For our after party/reception we did go a little extravagant. I will explain the reason behind this first before I reveal the venue. I wanted to have Baby christened. The Ls Papa wasnt particularly fussed but as a compromise he said that if we were to have a christening that he would choose the venue. Therefore our after celebration took place at none other than The Etihad stadium, or to us girls Manchester city Football Club ground. I must admit at first I thought it wouldnt be ideal, but once id seen the room I was happy to agree with The Ls Papa decision. The food was created by one of Jamie Olivers companies and the whole day was ran like clockwork. They even played the Manchester city football game against liverpool on some of the screens. The venue was perfect, the room was fantastic. The only downside is that my family, apart from my brother, and most of The Ls Papas family are Manchester United fans but they went along with it, and even my dad had to agree, as a venue, it was perfect.


I decided against decorating the room other than table cloths because I felt that the stadium itself was an attraction and I didnt want to take anything away from where we were. It was lovely as some of our guests are huge fans just like The Ls Papa.


As we had decided on the venue right from the start, I wanted to continue the theme. I had an idea that I wanted the invitation to be like a football ticket. I knew that It wasnt something I could do myself. Well not to the idea I had in my head so I got in touch with Helen who tweets over at @ellieallatsea. Helen is a designer and also redesigns blog overhauls. She is so incredibly talented. She really helped me bring my dream alive. The invitations looked like real tickets and some of our guests even thought the ticket allowed them entrance into the stadium. Thats how amazing and realistic they were. I was so happy with the end result. Helen is amazing.


What do you think?


We decided to put Baby in a suit rather than a christening dress. It was a pale blue suit from next and was absolutely gorgeous. We even got him a little flat cap to go with it. Little L loves wearing flat caps and wanted to wear one on the day so we thought it would look cute if Baby wore one to. Although it didnt stay on that much. The Ls Papa and Little L both wore suits as well. Little Ls suit was also purchased from Next . We had a blue theme going on. I really struggled with what to wear. I wanted to wear something knee length and I didnt want something low cut. This was purely because I knew Id be holding a baby, or bending down and basically I just didnt want to feel like I was self conscious, or rearranging my dress. I am a little self conscious of my tummy area still so really struggled with a tight fitting dress. Of course everyone who saw me try on all the dresses advised me that they couldnt seen any tummy but in my mind it was obvious. i found the perfect dress in the end. A gorgeous Navy number from LK Bennet. Bought from Next. The dress was a little more than I thought I would spend but its something that will last in my wardrobe and I will be able to wear again. Plus my mum decided to treat me to it so I am very lucky. I wanted to brighten the dress up so when I paid a visit to Ted Baker and saw all the gorgeous pastel floral prints they had brought out for Spring I fell in love with the jacket.


We drove our car but my parents organised mini busses from our house, to the church and then on to the venue, and also arranged this for the end of the day as well. As a number of our neighbours were attending and family from our house it made sense for everyone to travel together rather than worrying about cars. It also meant that people could relax and enjoy a few drinks.