Flying With Sky Baby

One of my biggest fears of taking Baby abroad was the flight. As we were going to Lanzarote we were fortunate with a short flight time of four hours but I was still worried.

You see before I had children I was one of those people that would absolute hate it if my seat was near a baby. I would assume that we would have noise and crying the whole way. Before I became a parent I really didnt think about how stressful or hard it was to travel with a child. So when it came to my turn I half expected the rubbish looks from fellow passengers, and the fact I might have to spend my whole flight apologising for the noise factor.

I also worried about Babies ears. I find my ears popping are the worst pat of the flight. Can anyone else relate? It really takes me a while for them to acclimatise and it can be quite painful. With a baby not able to tell you if their in pain or just basically a little stressed I did worry how he would react.

But again I didnt really have to worry at all. Baby was great travelling. He cried a little when being awaken from a nap but that was it. In fact I think he felt it was like a mini adventure. A totally new surrounding to take in and explore. If his ears did bother him I wouldnt have known.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to review a SkyBaby. For those of you who dont know what this is, its like an extra layer of cushion that sits between you and your baby, so like a little seat but without the weight. It fits into the plane seat belts and cuddles round your baby so they feel secure and comfortable. And then you can undo the belt once the captain has said so and place them across your knew like a little sky mattress.


It really made flying with Baby easy as the return flight was at night so he slept the whole way home. It freed up The Ls Papas hands to have a drink and play on the iPad while Baby slept on his knee securely.


I couldnt recommend this product enough when flying. Take a look at their website here for more information. You can purchase a SkyBaby from amazon and they have an RRP of £32.00