The Fussy Toddler Files Guest Post Introducing My Little Whiner

Guest post as part of The Fussy Toddler Files series from Victoria who blogs at sleeplessbeaute. If you want to be involved then please get in touch. 

The title may sound horrible, and what an awful mother I am to be so horrible about her baby. I can assure you I am not being horrible and that I call my little one a whiner because I have always found his fussy and precise little personality very endearing. I would not have him any other way, even though he may be quieter and easier if he was another way, I dont think I want him to be less whiney. Its just part of him.

So why is he fussy? Well, he is generally a dream. He loves his food, took to the boob well, has a lovely happy spirit and is a real communicator. He is also very loving. You might be thinking I am mad, how can I call him fussy!? What a cheek, you say.

Now here comes the BUT. This is the BUT that means hard work and also the BUT that makes my little boys wonderful personality what it is.

Binky (my nickname for him, it means beautiful and dinky) is always on the go. He has never in his whole 13 months been able to sit still for more than 3 minutes. He constantly has to be doing something. When he was a newborn he constantly had to be breastfed or rocked in my arms. Otherwise he screamed. Day and night I stuck by him. Fending off the screams. He did have silent reflux, which was horrid for him and did add to the fussiness. Up until the age of 10 months he woke every 30 mins to. 1.5 hours for feeding. Sleep deprivation is so tough when you also have a young baby who only naps for a few minutes each day. The whole sleep when baby sleeps was utter rubbish in my case.

Then as things started to settle and my little whiner started to whine less he had a huge leap in his mobility. Its a new found land of climbing stairs, opening cupboards, cruising, crawling, walking and to add to that every 5 minutes he is clinging on to me for dear life like I am going to run away from him. The dreaded separation anxiety, which no one else seems to understand is normal and somehow makes everyone else fussy and panicky too! Not helpful.
Also the temper tantrums, throwing his head back, slapping the ground, kicking his legs, going as stiff as a rod when you try and get him into his pram or car seat. If you cant get him in you have to resort to carrying him round in one arm and pushing the pram. My back is totally done for.
Then we have the dreaded nap and bedtime. He asks to go to sleep or for a nap but then when you lay him down he cries and stands up and stomps his feet. The only option he leaves me is to kiss him and close the door and leave him to it for a few minutes. It feels so unnatural but you can guarantee if I try to get him to sleep through cuddling he head buts me. Ouch!

Its tough having a fussy 13 month old. Yet as I look round at other mothers and their babies of the same age I realise that fussiness and whining is pretty normal at this age. Unfortunately I just had a really fussy newborn and up to 10 month old too.

All that really matters is that I love him with all my heart. I empathise with his fussiness. Maybe one day in 5 years he will be less fussy, who knows. For now, I will enjoy my little whiner. I can hear he is rousing from a nap and does not sound happy. I have a feeling its going to be a tough day

Take care mummies xx

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