Getting ready for another baby with Family Nation

Since having Baby I have wanted to give him a sibling close in age. Its not something I ever considered before he came along but now that hes here I think it would be nice for him to grow up with a brother or sister and spend some quality time together before he goes off to primary school. Which is a scary thought but given how fast these last 19 months have gone will be here before I know it.

It hasnt happened for us yet, but hopefully in the near future we may be able to give Baby a little bother or sister so with that in mind Im starting to think about what I may or may not need the second time round.

I have kept quite a lot of items mostly newborn clothes and I did have a lot of neutral items so they would suit another little boy or girl but there are things now that I wished Id had when pregnant with Baby or in his first year and of course there are things I didnt need or use. So I thought I would share with you some of the things Im considering purchasing next time round and introduce to you a company called Family Nation.

Family Nation is a wonderful online eco-boutique catering to all your family needs from pregnancy right through to providing them educational and fun toys to play with. Established in 2011 by Emilia and Aidan Cox Family Nation has become a one stop shop for contemporary parenting. The boutique is based in Italy however they offer a wonderful world-wide postage and fast delivery to the UK and beyond. The lovely people at Family Nation have hand-picked a selection of maternity and baby items from designers all around the world allowing us parents to have the choice of functional, stylish and innovative items all in one place. I have been browsing the site over the last few weeks and cant actually tell you something I couldnt get from there to prepare me for the 9 months of pregnancy and a new baby.

When I think towards the future of entering into that maternity phase again Im filled with the emotion of feeling a little scared, but also excited by the prospect. These are the products I will be considering purchasing when the time comes.

During my last pregnancy I wore maternity clothing from around 25 weeks pregnant. I have heard and read that you show a lot sooner with a second pregnancy and so I will need to consider some maternity wear. As a mum, and something I have begun to realise, its important to feel good about yourself and above all be comfortable in what you are wearing. Tops that cover the growing bump and trousers or pyjamas that sit in just the right place will certainly be high on my priority list. Just like these items I have handpicked from the Family Nation Maternity wear sale.


Boob Long-sleeved Maternity and Nursing top IN THE SALE NOW at just ???39.86

How elegant is this lovely top from the swedish brand Boob? White is such flattering colour and it is also made out of organic cotton which is kind to the skin. During pregnancy your skin could become irritated and so at least by wearing organic cotton this could help reduce the irritation. Its also something that could be worn after birth as if you decide to breastfeed this lovely top has a discreet front opening allowing you to breastfeed with ease wherever you may be.

Seraphine Aspen Maternity Down Jacket in Black IN THE SALE NOW at just ???98.10

Anyone else struggle to do up their coat when pregnant? I certainly did, I spent a lot of the winter and spring being pregnant and a coat was essential to me but I just couldnt find a maternity one I liked but I simply LOVE this one. Its casual yet smart and definitely chic. Also I find black to also be very flattering and it is a colour that would go with anything I choose to wear. Depending on when you are pregnant I feel a maternity coat is something I could use at some point, especially with the unpredictable english weather.


Boob Maternity pyjama pants Pale grey and ivory IN THE SALE NOW at just ???37.52

I dont know about you but I see pregnancy as the ideal time to spend??some most of my days in comfy lounge wear and I feel these look super comfortable and soft. These are all made out of organic cotton which I mentioned earlier so I know that my skin will be safe. I had never heard of the brand Boob before taking a look at the Family Nation website and I must admit I have fallen in love with their maternity style. Check out the website for some more lovely gems from this wonderful swedish brand.


Seraphine Renata Mock wrap maternity and nursing dress Pebble print. IN THE SALE NOW at just ???55.92

We have a wedding to attend later this year and so if I happen to be expecting then I will need something beautiful to wear and I think this stunning Seraphine wrap dress is perfect. Its simple and elegant and competent flattering and so I think it;s a perfect addition to my maternity shopping list. This dress also has a discreet opening for breastfeeding as well so It has a use for after your pregnancy as well.


Seraphine Extra soft Over-bump bamboo maternity tights in black IN THE SALE NOW at just ???14,45

If I am going to be wearing a dress at some point then I will need some comfortable over the bump tights and these wonderful Seraphone ones seem to be just the ones to take me through my pregnancy. The are also available in a charcoal grey and currently in the sale.


Medela 150m Bottle with Calma Teat IN THE SALE NOW at just ???14.90

I have also considered researching alternative bottles to try with my send baby, I didnt look into it too much last time and I just went with a ??well known brand recommended by my midwife. Thankfully I and no real issues with colic or wind but I definitely think I will consider choosing bottles more careful next time and think that these ones sound fabulous. They are designed for women who are doing a combination of breastfeeding and bottle, the teat has been tailor made to avoid causing confusion for your baby in the way they feed from your breast to a bottle.


Minimonkey Baby sling 4 in 1 in Grey IN THE SALE NOW at just ???44.95

I loved the idea of using a baby sling when Baby arrived but at the time I didnt see the need, however with a second baby I think a baby sling could come in handy with a newborn and a toddler running round, allowing me to keep my newborn snug and warm and close. This particular sling is ideal for babies from newborn to 24 months, and offers four different positions so definitely something that will stand the test of time.


Bellabumbum Violette Maternity and Nursing robe IN THE SALE NOW at just ???43.92

Finally I think I will purchase a lovely new robe for the hospital. Those all important first pictures deserves me looking as stylish as I possibly can be and I think this lovely robe from Bellabumbum is just the one. The violet colour is girly and subtle and falls to the knee. As Baby was such a rushed affair and ending in an emergency c-section I know the second time round we will be booked in for a c-section (because it turns out I cant give birth naturally) and so it would be nice to feel comfortable and ready for our lives to change all over again.

So there you have it, my maternity wish list for my second pregnancy, do you like the items I chose? Would you add anything? Perhaps you wished you had purchased something and then never got round to it like me and the baby sling?

Dont forget to check out the Family Nation sale, there is a HUGE 50% off some items. I also should make a point that if you sign up for the newsletter you receive an additional 5 euros off voucher, How great is that?