13 Random and not so random things that I am grateful for

I recently wrote a post about how there is a lot to be said for just being grateful and its totally true. Sometimes just remembering exactly what you have in your life, at that moment, that you are completely content with is enough to lift your mood. Struggling with the baby blues it took a lot to change my mindset as I was totally exhumed in negativity. I started small and at the end of each day I would think of something that I was thankful for out of that day no matter how bad the day had gotten.

I thought I would share with you 13 ??of the random and not so random things I was and still am grateful for. In no particular order

Cuddles from the little ones to the big arms round your neck type with a big squeeze. Cuddles can make everything seem good.

Concelaer because the world is a better place with it, especially for my face.

Red lipstick no matter how bad I look a little red lippy goes a long long way to making me look and feel so much better.

Champagne or Prosecco hey we all love a little bit of the bubbly stuff every now and again

Smiles off your children, a stolen glance from a loved one.

Family They are always there for me no matter what

My better half He supports me no matter what and is always there when I need him the most. I love him so much.

My son and step son without them in my life it just wouldnt be complete

Courage because sometimes you just have to have a little courage to get through the tough times to really appreciate the good times.

Sunglasses They cover up the endless sleepless nights

The Messy bun whoever decided it was ok to go out in public with my hair all scrunched up on the top of my head and deemed it fashionable and acceptable should be thanked. Im forever grateful.

Muddy puddles because its guaranteed to put the biggest grin on my little boys face

A hot bath a chance to unwind with some candles, some good reading material and a glass of the good stuff is always something Im grateful for when I get the chance.

Some of what made the list are a given, Im always eternally grateful to my wonderful hubby, my children and my family. Some of them you may think is a real random thing to be thankful for such as red lipstick, but if that was what got me out of the house and lifted my mode on that particular day then why not? Its your own personal choice.

What are you grateful for?