Hats off to all the working mummys!

Lets take this opportunity to give yourselves a pat on the back. Im not about to say stay at home mums have it easy. Not at all. We all have responsibilities and a life to live. But working a job or working from home is tough. I dont know how you super mums do it. I struggle working from home, but I have no idea how I would be if I had a job to go to everyday. My days are spent splitting my time between my macbook, my gorgeous little man and the household chores. I honestly feel like I dont have enough hours in the day as it is. How do we get the work/home balance right?

I love being able to stay at home with L whilst he is young but I honestly struggle with the balance. How do you get the balance right? I want to be able to spend lots of time with my son. Playing with his toys. Trying to help in his development in some way but then the washing basket calls me. Telling me that its full and needs emptying. So off I go to the washing basket, dutifully sperating my whites from my colours and I eagerly head back to the washing machine, only to walk down the stairs and notice that it could do with being hoovered. So once I load the washing, I grab the dyson and head to the stairs. Full of energy to get this job done. But once the stairs are done it seems only natural to hoover the landing as well. Maybe a bedroom or two. But first quickly dash down stairs and check that L is ok in his walker as he has strayed from my eyesight. Only to find him stood in front of the TV watching Baby TV. Both a saviour and a hindrance, all in one go, that channel. I decide that I could get the landing done in five minutes and get back to playing with my boy. My Macbook pings, its an email, Something about Organic Bambino. I pick my work hat up off the floor, bring my computer into the living room and type away. I will play with L in a minute, I will just upload this new collection before I do. Oh wait its lunchtime, best get this one fed. While I am in the kitchen I will give it a quick wipe round, empty the dishwasher. The washing machine calls, time to be emptied, L comes upstairs with me. Exploring the spare room while I hang washing on the maiden. Right, surely its time to spend some quality time with my son, but wait I didnt finish that email or website update. Back on the computer. It wont take long. Hmm this living room could do with a hoover, thanks to having a dog that malts a lot, maybe if I do that as well then me and L can play on the floor with some of his toys. Big yawns coming from the little man, its nap time, Great, I will get lots of work done, I will make sure its all done by the time he wakes up. Wrong. I get so engrossed in writing a blog post that before I know it hes woken up and I havent hoovered or tidied his toys, and so on and so on.

How do we get that all important balance right? Where we have time to put the mummy hat on and focus all our attention to our children, when we wake up in the morning and put the work hat on when it isnt totally fair to bombard work colleagues with endless pictures of your baby or have those poo conversations with your boss, switching back to housewife mode when tea needs to be prepared and perhaps the ironing needs doing. Being a mum is hard enough, without all our added responsibilities. I seriously dont think we get enough credit for what we do.

Working from home is both lovely and loathing all at once. Very bittersweet. On the one hand I get to spend my days at home, when my uniform could be tracksuit bottoms or jeans, I can where my slippers all day and have as many tea breaks as I desire. But on the other hand I also need to take my work seriously in order to make my dreams and ambitions into a reality. To be able to help support the family. The work/home balance is hard enough but when your mixing the two together it can ultimately be so confusing.

Working mums, I salute you.