Holidays With Babies Food

Food. We take it for granted really. As adults it doesnt matter where we go or what we do but you can guarantee there is a restaurant or a shop that will suit our hunger needs. So why did the word Food fill me with such dread when it came to taking Baby on holiday?

Baby was 10 months old when we went away. He was still on formula for a morning and night feed but was also entering a real fussy weaning stage. Some days he would quite happily eat a puree off the spoon, other days he wanted to feed himself and only finger food would do. The whole eating thing filled me with fear. What was I going to feed Baby? What if he didnt like anything? Will he starve?

What I had to remind myself on a number of occasions was I was travelling to a popular holiday destination, where there are shops and believe it or not they actually have babies in the country to.

As The Ls Papa had been through all this before when Little L was a baby he was very reassuring. He advised that the formula available out there will be absolutely fine for Baby to use, and of course there will be jars of food and nappies. He wasnt wrong either.

On my first little shopping trip I have to admit I was still a little sceptical and waiting to tell The Ls Papa a big fat told you so when I was greeted with a huge aisle of baby formula milk, jars, pouches of food, and Pampers nappies.

I felt a little silly for getting so worried about the food out there.

We also offered Baby bits of food from our plates when we went out for meals during the day and night. He loved trying new things and being part of the evening. To be honest going away really broadened his horizons when it came to food and he is now a lot less fussy.

Its easy to get so wrapped in worrying for your baby when it comes to going away, and the little things can seem like such a major problem. I just wanted to share with you all that you dont have to fill your case with formula, food and nappies. Depending on where your travelling, but I would say 95% of holiday destinations will have everything you need in resort centres and shops. One less thing to worry about. After an evening of picking at everyone elses plate, he would crash out in his stroller.

Did you worry about food when you were travelling with your children?