Do I know my baby?

Theres so much said about being a mum. That you have this incredible bond with your Babyike nothing else. This overwhelming feeling of love for your child. This need to protect. Knowing exactly what to do in every situation presented to you. Or so thats what I have been reading anyway. Today I sat down with a cup of tea and questioned myself do I really know Baby? You may be wondering what I am going on about, let me take you back an hour previous to this moment

Baby has been fussy recently, ever since we got back from our holidays his routine has been all over the place and as you all know I love routine so this has been a little difficult to get to grips with. L had gone down for a nap and woken a little earlier than usual. He did the same thing yesterday as well so I thought nothing of it. He has a little cry and then normally settles and gets back on with the rest of his day but today the crying didnt stop.

It got worse.

To screams, to red face to uncontrollable.

I changed him, I cuddled him, I offered him something to eat, I offered him a drink, I took him outside, I brought him back in, I put him in his pushchair, I put Baby TV on. I tried everything but for an hour non-stop he cried.

It got the point where I put him in his pushchair and had to walk away for a minute, which I feel absolutely terrible about but it just seemed that whatever I did I was making it worse not better. He since has calmed down and seems totally fine now but it sent my mind into overdrive. Truth is this isnt the first time something like this has happened and I had no idea what to do. It seems The Ls Papa knows exactly what to do in that situation and L settles straightaway. Why do I not know how to comfort my baby? You may think I am overreacting. I honestly sometimes think he loves his Papa more than me. I know, I know I am being silly.

I just read so much of what people say, like how they know exactly what to do to stop their baby crying, they know how to handle those uncontrollable situations. I really dont. I find myself holding a screaming baby in one arm and texting The Ls Papa in another asking for advice.

Thankfully all is calm in The Ls Mum household now and I have managed to drink a whole cup of tea and write this post without any further upset. I just sometimes wonder when things will just click into place. Do I really know my Baby? I have had 11 months of having him by my side and I am still wondering. Anyone else ever felt like that?