My Birth and Pregnancy Story Part 2


So fast forward to DAY 10 of being overdue. You know the day that the midwife said I wouldnt see. I had been suffering with pre-eclampsia symptoms for the last few weeks. Swelling. Headaches. Blurred Vision and protein in urine. I went along to my overdue appointment at the hospital on a very hot summers day. I had to wait two hours to be seen which wasnt the best when your heavily pregnant. I eventually saw a midwife but as you can imagine my blood pressure was through the roof and my urine sample was off the scale with levels of protein. Not Good. So they admitted me into hospital with the intention of inducing me the following day.

I hadnt prepared for staying in so they allowed me to go back home for a few hours to organise myself and then came back to be shown to my room for the night. I was extremely emotional at this point. I was excited as I knew that this was the weekend I was going to meet my Baby boy. But it also hit me that I actually had to go through giving birth. I had read every book going and to that day I was fairly confident. I didnt want any pain relief apart from gas and air. I certainly did not want an epidural and I hadnt even contemplated c-section or any other forms of delivery other than au-natural. That was what was going to happen. In my mind anyway. It all got a little real and I was very teary.

Visting hours finished at 8 and I begged The Ls Papa not to leave. He wasnt going to go home, he had already planned to stay in the car incase anything happened. We live 40 Minutes away from the hospital and he didnt want to take any risk of missing anything or not being there for me. Hes such an amazing person. Anyway we were in a private room and I had been hooked up to the monitor so he said he would stay as long as he could. Until someone threw him out. At about 11pm that time came. The midwife came in to check on me and found The Ls Papa sat in a chair in the corner of the room. She asked him to leave and I burst into tears. This poor young midwife had no idea what to do so allowed him to stay. To be totally honest given the fact I was being monitored anyway I really thought he should of been able to stay anyway but thats just my opinion.


Suddenly Babies heart rate decided to keep dropping. No matter what position I got into he was just up and down. They made the decision to get me on to the induction ward and get things going. We walked over and I was greeted by another midwife. She told The Ls Papa he couldnt stay and he had to go. No other option. It was 4am and wed had no sleep from worrying. The midwife told him to wait in the foyer until 10am and then he would be allowed in again. It was such awful treatment I couldnt believe how lonely I felt. I was scared and nervous and things were going to be started and my boyfriend, my babies father wasnt there to support me. He was furious but he did as he was told and went. Unfortunately the security guard kicked him out of the foyer and he spent 2 hours wondering aound the hospital grounds as the multi story carpark had no signal. I love him to pieces and Knowing he was there close by was an amazing feeling.

Turns out I was already 3cm dilated so all I had to do was wait to have my waters broken. The whole day of saturday 1st June was spent walking round the hospital and being monitored. Baby had calmed down and things seemed to be getting back on track. Eventually at 5pm I was placed on the delivery suite.


I am not against male midwives as such. Any job is open for anybody male or female to do, but personally I get embarrassed about things like this, and would have felt more comfortable having everything on show with a female present but hey ho. I was at the point where I was fed up and ready to just have this baby. I was placed on a ??drip and then the contractions started. I was doing great. I was on Gas and Air and felt like I was in control. In-between contractions we got chatting to the midwife. Turns out he had only been doing the job 3 months. Again I started to panic but quickly put it out of my mind as another contraction hit. The contractions within about 2 hours werent giving me any break. They were so painful and I was beginning to get tired. We hadnt slept since the thursday and I wasnt sure how much energy I had left. I suddenly felt a huge pressure around my bottom and back. I told the midwife and they decided to check how I was doing. Babies heart rate had been fluctuating again so they were getting a little concerned. I was 10cm dilated. Fantastic. Another female midwife came to check and confirmed I was 10cm dilated and I needed to push. Now I had read all the books and I was advised that I would feel an urge to push. An urge like no other. I didnt feel that at all I just felt pressure. But I did as I was told and pushed. I got some amazing encouragement from both midwives and The Ls Papa. I think I made him promise to marry me and to let me have Chinese and KFC. Or so he tells me anyway. Its all a bit of a blur from here on.


The next part to this story is more the Ls Papas version of events as its all a little hazy for me. An hour and half of pushing and nothing was happening. I had no energy and the babies heart rate kept dropping. I pushed that much that I passed out. I was only out for a few seconds but the Babies heart stopped for 35 seconds. I came round to an alarm going off and being surrounded by people. I would only describe it as what you see in an emergency on one born every minute. Babies heart rate came back after they prodded his head from inside. Poor thing. After I came back round and the heart rate had started again a doctor examined me. The contractions werent stopping and I was in agony. I just remember these next words. They still haunt me in my sleep ??? why is she pushing she is only 4cm dilated WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was so angry and in-between when i actually caught my breath I was shouting at who ever would listen. Both midwives response was people make mistakes Im all for that but when its my babies and my life in your hands I expect you to be a little bit more concerned with whats going on.


I begged for an emergency c-section at this point. At first they wanted me to carry on. Have an epidural and see how I got on. But my blood tests confirmed I couldnt have an epidural. They called a surgeon back who had just finished his shift and he agreed that given the circumstances I should have an emergency c-section however I would have to have a spinal. (Where your paralysed from the waist down, Bizarre feeling) I signed consent forms, still in full flows of contractions. which we later found out was because I was on a too high dosage of the drip. Another mistake from the midwife. To cut a long story short I went into surgery and felt relief as I had the spinal. Suddenly the pain went away and I was apologising to people. Although I had no reason to but i just felt relieved.


I was prepped for the surgery and felt so much better. The surgeon got Baby out and he was taken out of the room. I started to panic as I couldnt hear him cry but they assured me he was fine and I got to see him. The Ls papa held him and I was instantly in love. He was perfect. He was also a nicer shade of pink after coming out blue. As the surgeon was still working on me he asked me whether Id had surgery on my womb? If you read part one I explained I and been told that I had a Bicornuate Uterus. So i replied with that. He then advised me that that wasnt the case and he would explain after.

In recovery I couldnt sustain my body temperature so wasnt able to hold my baby, feed or change him. Thankfully The Ls Papa did an amazing job of looking after him and I watched over whilst being covered in lots of blankets. I eventually stabilised and the surgeon as promised came to see me. Turns out I have nothing on my left side. No Ovary, No Tube, nothing. I also have something call a unicornuate uterus. Which is best described like a unicorn horn. For Baby its like being wrapped round a spiral staircase. Unfortunately all the risks presented to me from my first wrong diagnosis are that much more greater and I will have to be careful in the future. It is possible to give birth naturally in some cases but in mine it is not possible. So we didnt even have to go through all of what we went through. I should never have been overdue and my poor baby was squashed. Thankfully with only a few minor problems I have a perfectly healthy baby. The surgeon described him as a miracle baby, and he really was. He beat the odds and hes here. Im so blessed. 01/06/13 was the day my world changed forever.