My Pregnancy and Birth Story Part 1

Theres more than one kind of uterus dont you know. Honestly there really is.  I should know, I dont have a regular one. I have been putting off writing my birth storey and pregnancy journey for some time but feel now is the time to share it. It will be over a two posts as there is a lot of background to understand before actually realising how bad my birth and labour could of been, if it wasnt bad enough.

I found out I was pregnant back in August 2012. I was late but didnt really think I could be pregnant. I was still taking the pill. I was on a day off from work and had gone round to see my mum and she made me a cup of tea. Nothing unusual there. I absolutely Love my mums cups of tea, there the best, but today I couldnt drink it. It made me feel sick. Definitely unlike me. My mum joked that she hoped I wasnt pregnant (not because she was against it but my parents were emigrating to Australia a few months later so not exactly ideal) I shrugged it off. But it got me thinking, and the more I thought about it the longer I waited without a period, so I decided that thinking about it was enough to delay it so I will just do a test. Put my mind at ease. I had also had a dream the previous night about being pregnant so I knew it was playing on my mind. Well surprise surprise their was a little person growing inside me.

I did all the usual bits and pieces, booked my doctors appointment, got an EDD which originally was 16/05/2013 but that later changed to 21/05/2013. We paid for an early dating scan as we were due to go on holiday and wanted to make sure everything was ok.

We had a lovely holiday in Fuertaventura and then everything seemed fine. I was 11 weeks when I started to bleed. We had been assigned to a hospital a bit further away from our local one due to me having had a heart operation in the past. So we went straight to there Early Baby Unit to get checked out. I was bleeding fairly heavy and had cramp style pains so you can imagine I was thinking the worse.

I got scanned and they said baby was absolutely fine, however was I aware that I had a Bicornuate Uterus. Erm 
 No, what is that?? Well the lady described it as a heart shape rather than pear shape. I had two chambers and Baby was currently in the left side chamber. Oh. I was in shock. We had to wait in the waiting room to see a doctor to explain and I instantly googled it. Stupid really but I had to understand. I read some horror stories so decided to put my phone away and wait to hear how bad it was.

The doctor explained that they need to give me the worst case scenario facts about having a Bicornuate uterus.

1. Your baby has a 1in 5 chance of survival 

2. You could get pregnant again in the right chamber, although it is an extreme case is could happen 
 Eyes open wide

3. If you go full term you are more than likely going to give birth early, so you have to be enrolled into the Pre term labour clinic to have regular checks. Cameras, and other things. 

4. The bleeding and cramps is down to the body thinking it needs to have its period, so you may incur this monthly, so always get checked just incase 
 so basically worry all the time then.

There were a few other things but it seems a bit of a blur now. We also found out then I was Rhesus Negative so had to endure those painful Anti-D injections every time I bled 
 OUCH. Anyone who has had to experience these injections will know how painful and horrible they are. I am a wimp when it comes to needles anyway but even The Ls Papa said that it was one of the biggest needles hed seen. Didnt fill me with confidence, thank god I looked away.

Id had a Heart operation when I was 9 years old. To repair a whole in my heart. I had to go this specific hospital, which happened to be the one I was born in, because they had an advanced maternity unit with fantastic pre and post natal care. Or so I thought but more on that in part 2. I had to have a heart scan to make sure I was ok. Thankfully they had done a fantastic job when I was young and I am absolutely fine. One thing to tick of the worry list.

So all in all my pregnancy was filled with worry. I did suffer a little morning sickness and definitely experienced the tiredness. I went right off sausages but couldnt get enough of Chopped tomatoes on crusty bread with red onion, garlic and oil. To this day I still love that. Toward the end of my pregnancy I desperately wanted McDonalds vanilla milkshake. I even asked The Ls Papa once to bring me one home and when he forgot I burst into tears. Anyone else been there? My emotions were running high all the time, so I did suffer from the occasional bout of tears but what pregnant woman doesnt? What cravings did you have?

I got a letter for my 10day over appointment, which the midwife even said dont worry well have seen you way before that  How wrong was she??