A Newborn Daily Routine EASY

I am routine obsessed and I always like reading how other mums spend their days. You can take a look at the all the lovely routines I have on the blog here. I research routines to work out whether I am doing things in the right way or at the right times. I like to know what I am doing and what I have to do that day and so a long with being a tad obsessed with daily routines I also love writing lists. I plan my week on a desk planner, I have a daily to do list and I have two diaries, one for personal appointments and one for the blog and Organic Bambino Boutique which is my business I run from home.

When I was pregnant I didnt read too much about what would happen when the baby arrived. I knew everything I needed to know about labour but when Baby arrived I was once again clueless and found myself looking to Google for the answers of how I should do things and what and when I should feed, change and encourage sleep.

Its fair to point out that when your newborn arrives you feel like you have been hit with a tonne of bricks. You are sailing on a bubble of new parent bliss but then the sleepless nights start and the crying. When Baby was born I found a very easy routine to follow and although I tried a number of things which I will be sharing with you all in the future this seemed to be the most straight forward.


Its as Easy as that. The EASY routine. Basically broken down to Eat, Activity, Sleep and You.

E Eat

Eating or in our babies case a bottle of formula or breastfeeding. I was always advised by the midwife that my baby needed to be guzzling between 18-20 ounces before I could expect my little one to sleep through the night. I use to count the ounces per feed and work out how my night was going to be. I was very fortunate because Baby was a great feeder right from the start. I chose to formula feed and I completely understand its different to breastfeeding so please bare in mind this advice is from a formula feeding mum and this routine may not work for breastfeeding. Once you know your baby is winded and settled from their feed we move on to the next step.

A Activity

This doesnt necessarily mean playing with toys etc. This activity could mean a nappy change, tummy time or a rocking chair. The aim really is for your child to not necessarily fall asleep after each feed, because you are hoping to encourage sleep as a separate thing all together and to not have your baby rely on a feed to put them to sleep. That said sometimes its impossible to avoid but if you can keep those little eyes awake for as long as it takes to change a nappy then you are heading in the right direction.

S Sleep

The next step is sleep. Again the advice is to place your baby in their mosses basket or sleeping arrangements and let them fall asleep on their own. Of course encouraging this for when they are older. Now at 17 months Baby goes up to his cot at 7 half awake and half falling asleep because hes ready for bed and he falls asleep on his own for the night. Im not saying this has to be the only way you do it, because equally cuddles and nursing you baby is a great form of bonding, but if you can on odd occasions put them to bed awake it will encourage good sleep habits in the future.

Y You

You time. Whilst your baby sleeps thesis a chance for you to do what you need to do. In the early months I slept whilst Baby slept to catch up with myself, I also used the time to maybe tidy up or just have a nice hot cup of tea and catch up on some TV. However you want to utilise the time then make sure its something that will make you feel better. In those first few months you are so far removed from the person you was before you were pregnant that having a bath or shower feels like a day at the spa. Take advantage.


I hope this routine helps any new mums out there. What I liked about it was the flexibility. You dont have to do things exactly right but if you can keep to the pattern then it really can help develop good habits for the future.

Did you use the EASY routine when you had your baby? If you would like to share your routine with me please do get in touch.