The One When The Baby Bites and Pinches, and Scratches and

There I was minding my own business a few weeks ago, enjoying a nice cup of tea whilst Baby played. I could have sworn at that very moment I was thinking Life is pretty good. My little boy was occupying himself, and watching some disney junior, which is a welcome change from Baby TV let me tell you, and playing with some of his toys. I was feeling quite happy with myself. Dare I say it, thinking I had cracked this mum thing and I was raising a good little boy.

He turns and looks at me, I smile at him and he smiles back, melting my heart in the process. He stands up and toddles over to me. Just picture it, this cute little boy taking unsteady steps towards me, Im literally bursting with pride, he grabs my knee and his mouth hits my skin (note to self, shorts are not suitable attire anymore) and bites me, my smile fades, its like everything has gone into slow motion and Im shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

My boy has decided to become a biter. But he doesnt just stop there, oh no, Hes quite the little bully, and let me tell you I seem to be the primary target. I cant even recall a time he has done this to his papa, who clearly is his favourite parent. Fact.

He pinches me, scratches me, hits me, and then laughs. Like the actions themselves arent bad enough, he feels the need to mock me with his evil laugh (slight exaggeration, and his laugh is actually very cute). Now before I get told he doesnt realise hes doing this, deep down I know this to be true. Hes just learning, and as I am with him 24/7 I am the one he experiments his life lessons on. But boy does it hurt.

(So cute)

The main thing is I cant seem to find the trigger, hes never just portraying one emotion at any one time hes behaving like this. He could be really excited, happy or angry, upset and frustrated.

Im hoping it is just a phase, and any advice on how to handle the ouches in a way a 13 month old would understand are greatly appreciated. Until then, its long sleeve tops and trousers and in this weather a sweaty mummy is not the best look in the world.