One Day I Will Look Back and Laugh

Recently I have turned into an old record player thats stuck in a position, repeating the same things over and over again. I knew this would happen one day. I even remember my own mother telling me she repeated herself back when I was younger. I think it stems back to this ideal image I had of being a mother, and how oh so perfect I was going to be, but as it turns out its quite hard isnt it? So recently I have been asking myself the same questions in my head and I thought I would share with you in the hope that I a) am not alone in the craziness and b) Maybe provide you a little chuckle on this dull august day

1. Why are the kitchen cupboards so fascinating, when you have so many toys?

I guarantee that some days I come across toys in Babies collection that I never even knew he had. He has so many. Theres a section in the living room and conservatory designated to toys, a ball pit, I even have the blown up paddling pool out with balls and toys in it. So why are my kitchen cabinets so interesting? One minute all is well with the world, the next my kitchen cupboard doors are all open and I find cake sprinkles and baking soda on the floor.

2. Not only are you fascinated with the cupboards, but why is a baking tin or chopping board so amazing to you?

Its not the fact that Baby walks round the house either holding a baking tin or chopping board, its the constant dropping and picking back up again. They make a right noise, and when you dont expect it, and it happens right behind you whilst your holding a hot coffee happens to be not the most pleasant experiences at 6.30am.


3. After saying the word NO countless times in your lifetime my beautiful baby, Why dont you understand it? But yet I say the word biscuit, juice, or milk you know exactly what I am talking about.??

Eventually the word no does get a response which normally means stamping feet, throwing himself on the floor only to bang his head, screaming, and when I try and comfort him in the way of a cuddle he arches his back and throws himself backwards. Cant win.

4. Why when I am watching Downton Abbey, a cookery programme or basically anything mummy is interested in, do you go and switch the volume off or somehow find the remote and change the channel?

Its always when I want to watch something, and this really isnt very often. I always feel way too guilty to just sit around during the day unless I feel like there is nothing else to do, so why when I allow Baby TV, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon on the volume switch doesnt even occur to you, or the remote control is boring.

5. Why at 10pm, when I am physically exhausted, do I have Charlie and the numbers or Mickey Mouse clubhouse songs in my head?

URRRH There is nothing more frustrating than this, some would argue that I am a cool mum??for knowing all the words, some would say I am crazy. I would probably go with the latter considering Baby doesnt know what the word cool means, although given his quick learning with the word biscuit who knows these days.


6. Why when you have cried for me to change your nappy, do you kick me ferociously and do anything in your power to avoid said nappy change you requested in the first place?

I find myself trying to explain that I am doing what he wants, and he will feel so much better when its changed. I also advise him that it would take half the time if he just lay there still, and then I ask myself

7. Why do I talk to you like an adult? ??

I always talk to Baby, Im always telling him what I am doing, where we are going, telling him how Im feeling, which is normally tired. But hes my little mate, and although some of these questions, ok the majority of them, I have already dealt with and asked myself this morning, I wouldnt have him any other way. My gorgeous little boy.

Even now whilst I finish typing this, hes sat next to me banging away on my laptop, In my mind I am asking why, in his mind hes helping. Or at least I hope so. I know I am going to look back on these mornings, days, and laugh.

Do you ask yourself any similar question?