Improve your overall wellbeing for a comfortable pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a difficult nine months for a woman. Although there are many books and websites that claim to have the secret for having a stress-free pregnancy, the truth is with these complicated solutions is just that, they’re complicated.

“Your health and wellbeing are paramount during pregnancy. You need to be focused on yourself and ensure you’re in the right state of mind.

At Discover Your Mind, we’ve come up with three simple solutions that focus on your health. Your mind, body and soul are the three pillars that support your wellbeing.

A Healthy Body

Later pregnancy can make physical exercise difficult. However, because you’re carrying a passenger with you, it doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from exercising altogether.  Prenatal yoga is a fantastic way of helping you relax and stay fit during pregnancy. Its benefits include:

  • Helps and improve sleep
  • Improves and maintains your strength and flexibility
  • Helps decrease lower back pain and other aching body parts

A Healthy Soul

Ensuring we have a positive soul and attitude during pregnancy is fundamentally important. Negative thoughts and energy can affect your soul and outlook. There is a wide range of options when focusing on improving your spiritual side.

“Clairvoyance helps connects you with your soul. A Clairvoyant can see and understand events that are affecting you and can help cleanse your soul.”

Clairvoyants are available to help guide you through your pregnancy and can be a reliable person you can speak to when problems are affecting you.

A Healthy Mind

We can be overwhelmed with pregnancy. It’s a life-changing period for a woman. If you feel like you’re growing anxious or becoming overwhelmed, it’s important for you to relax and focus on the thoughts bothering you.

Meditation has a wealth of benefits. It allows you to have some much needed alone time with you and your mind. You can focus on thoughts that are bothering you, and find ways to address them.


Pregnancy can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be unprepared. Find out what things you should be aware of during pregnancy.