This time last year Babies Due Date

This time last year I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of my baby boy. I was getting regular phone calls from family and friends wondering if he had or was about to make an arrival. Were there any signs? Any contractions? Has my water broken? Anything at all? The answer was a big fat NO.

I was very apprehensive at this time. I was told I had a bi-caunuate Uterus (Which later we found to be not the case) so I was always told I would have the baby early, I was even at tenting the pre-term clinic for checks throughout my pregnancy. So to get to this stage I was really expecting to have had a baby by now. Or at least have signs he was on the way. But no nothing was happening.

I spent the day pacing the house. I put some loud music on, which at this time tended to be Avicci Levels or David Guettas Titanium. I power walked the length of the house. I researched all the ways to bring on labour.

Eating pineapple.

Hot curry

Champagne and Lobster (One of the strange ones)

Spending *ahem* quality time with your loved one.

Castor oil

Herbal remedies

Nipple stimulation (which honestly I didnt want to try, and ended up not doing so I cant say whether this works or not)

acupuncture (I didnt try this)


Bouncing on a  birthing ball

There are loads of ways to help and I tried lots of them Even unconventional ones which didnt happen to be old wives tales. Nothing was working. Baby was very happy where he was (Or so I thought).

I couldnt wait to meet my baby. I couldnt wait to see what he would like. Have that first cuddle. Whisper that he means the world to me. However I was i started to get very nervous about the prospect of being a mother. This baby that was all snug inside me was going to need me. He was my responsibility. I couldnt he;p think that hes be better staying where he was. At least he was safe. But the overwhelming desire to meet my unborn child swiftly took over and I did all I could to meet the little man.

This time last year I spent my days pacing the house, staring at four walls, keeping my phone with me at all times, and hoping every flinch of pain or aches was the start of my labour. What I didnt realise was that I still had a way to go before I could meet my beautiful baby boy. Do you have any successful ways to bring on labour? What worked for you?