Well, I’m back in Surrey and missing the great heights of London already.

I always love going to a gig and Bloc Party didn’t disappoint. It was such a fun trip, and we drove there for a change. We were quite worried that actually driving in the City would be a nightmare, but it was so straight forward and simple to do. That was until the phone rang, and I wasn’t able to give directions anymore – whoops! Despite that little drama, we felt like we should definitely drive to London more often as it’s cheaper for us to drive than get the train, which is actually a bit ridiculous, but there we go!

He is in his second year of studying in London, and although I’m sure his flatmates are lovely, God were they filthy! It was a typical ‘boy zone’ place, with the kitchen full of dirty dishes and the shower curtain looked alive! With this in mind, we headed out for something to eat.

A popular suggestion was pizza! You can’t really beat a good pizza, and this one was amazing. We went to ICC Pizzeria, and we each got a whole pizza to ourselves. I also got a Snapple drink as I’ve never had one before so I thought I’d go wild! Afterwards, we went back to the flat and had a few drinks before we headed back outside. The boys had some wine – how fancy, and I had some Disaronno & Cranberry. It tastes like liquid cake, but of course, I am not advocating alcohol.

Right, onto the main event. We took the tube to Earls Court and made our way into the venue. My God, what a huge place. From the outside, it didn’t look too overwhelming, but as soon as we stepped inside it became unbelievable. I was a bit shocked, I think it must be bigger than the O2 Arena, and that is quite impressive. We found a spot in the crowd and waited for Bloc Party to start.

The lights eventually dimmed and off they went. The gig was really spectacular, with an impressive light shows with lasers and everything. The only bad point to the show was sadly the audience. There were a few people near us smoking, and I just find to be so disrespectful. Fair enough if you’re at an outdoor gig, then maybe if you make sure people don’t mind, but this was indoors so it really angered me.

ANYWAYS, moving on from that, I really enjoyed myself and I’m so glad I finally got to see Bloc Party after being a fan for so many years. My favourite song of the night was One More Chance which I have loved for some time.